About me


Let me tell you something about me

I was born in 1999 in Novara and currently living in Galliate (NO) in Piedmont.

I studied at Italo Calvino elementary and secondary schools, always in Galliate, and I studied at the Fauser institute of Novara.

I like many aspects of computer science, including programming, but also hardware and electronics in general. I have recently found out that I have a great passion for web development and, without much difficulty, I’m learning more and more about the most used programming languages ​​and discovering the secrets of the www!

At the moment, I am able to work perfectly with all Windows operating systems and most Linux operating systems (Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS …). I also have a good knowledge and experience in using Linux headless systems (without gui) and I’m also good in the autonomous management of VPSs and dedicated Linux servers.

What can I do?

  • Creating, developing, and maintaining websites (known languages: html, css, php, javascript and jQuery)
  • Other programming languages ​​I know: C, C ++, MySql
  • Other languages ​​I’ve got in touch with but I don’t fully know: Visual Basic, R script, Java, C #
  • Video editing
  • Handling digital images: edit photos and create logos (mainly work with open-source programs like GIMP)
  • Plan, create and configure LAN or WLAN networks
  • Use office suite (Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and I took the “ECDL license” for Microsoft Office)
  • I have a very good knowledge of English (FCE certification) and I also know a little of French (school level)

[ Download CV – English ]  [ Download CV – Italian ]